The plan of the evening

The evening will start at the blue gate, meeting your hosts and being introduced to the farm.
Starting off with a tour of the yard including the lambing barns and cattle shed. Teaching you the inner working of the lambing yard and what to look out for when walking around the barns. 
You are then free to meet our pet lambs and enjoy you evening. 
At 9pm you can hand bottle-feed the pet lambs, feel free to take lots of pictures. 
After the feeding a free tea or coffee will be made in the barn to warm you up, you are also welcome to stay in the barn throughout the evening. 
Throughout the evening feel free to ask your host any questions.


Watch a lamb birth

Join us to see the miracle of birth, we will explain the details throughout. Watch as the lamb takes their first steps in the world and feeds off mum.

Baby Lamb Bottle feeding

Our pet lambs come to us for a variety of reasons and need our help to be fed and looked after. Grab a bottle and help us feed our lambs and watch their little tails wag!
We promise it is one lamb between two people

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Walk around our lambing Barns

Walk around our barns spotting for any births and watching our cheeky lambs sleep on mum.

Free tea or coffee to warm you up

It can be very cold at the farm so we have heaters inside and provide a nice hot cuppa!